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Our business model is two sided. Side one devotes our efforts towards Private In-Home Cooking Classes, Catering and Wine Tastings. If you have been a client of The Gastronomy Company in the past, you know how much fun these classes can be.

We offer a party-like atmosphere with enlightening and entertaining conversation about food & wine while preparing beautiful, restaurant-style food. We offer these classes in the client's home at many different skill levels and price points. Everything from cooking classes for kids, birthdays, showers and any other reason to party is the reason to call us.

The other side is our passion project. We’re naming this the Gastronomy Project and focusing on the rebuilding of how we as a community perceive food and cooking. We are building a modular demo kitchen to bring into schools and organizations as a catalyst for engaging conversations. This will also create hands-on opportunities to learn where our food comes from. Our goal is that kids will have an open mind to new foods and a clear path to better health and eating.


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