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Help Us Ignite The Passion Of Cooking In Young Eaters

We're here for a reason. To ignite the passion of cooking as a life skill in every young eater we meet. This passion brings us into schools across south Texas with the soul purpose to educate through entertainment.

Our on-site classes offer hands on food experiments with humor and excitement at it's core. Pair this with Gastronomy's drive to connect students to their culinary heritage and you have the heart of our mission.

This mission is not without its need for growth. This is where you come in. We're asking our community near and far to participate in expanding that mission by asking anyone to donate $5 into Pilot Light Funding Program.

100% of these donations will go into building the assets and resources needed to create memories centered around food for youth across south-central Texas. Sponsorships for individual assets are available for those who would receive in-kind advertising.

Finally, in full disclosure we are a for-profit as well as debt-free company. We want to offer an opportunity for our community pay into something we truly believe in and we know they do too.

We Appreciate anything and everything our community offers. Here's to a Gastronomic future.


A Community Funding Initiative By Gastronomy Live Events

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