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Our Story

This story started decades ago with a promise. A promise I made to my family to never settle and always follow my passions. 


After years of hard work in the restaurant industry, I chose to make good on that promise. We dedicated all of our time to build a brand that was centered around installing passion in others for gastronomy and the culinary arts.


It's this same passion that has given us the opportunity to meet some of the most influential people in our lives. These individuals work alongside Gastronomy Live Events with their own respected brands to change the tides on the food scene in San Antonio and beyond. 


With raising two boys, I understand the importance of leaving a legacy; and not just for them. We hope that we have the opportunity to teach as well as learn from you in this legacy we are building together.


Thank you for exploring our brand. Please connect with us on any of our mission here in the Lone Star State. We are always happy to share our passion with those who love and appreciate great food and drink.





J. Schwencke

Kind Hearted Kid








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