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Check out our guest spots on these amazing podcasts.

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We meet Joshua Schwencke the Founder of Gastronomy Live Events. This amazing Chef is bringing the true meaning of food into our schools and transforming life in apartment complexes; all through food and fellowship.

My Fermented Life

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Chef Joshua Schwencke of Gastronomy joins Sam on The Wild Initiative to talk about an integral part of honoring the game we hunt; how we prepare it in the kitchen. Joshua goes into how our presentation of food, particularly wild game, can be an art form. He later debunks what “gamey” actually means and how to reach that apex of flavor with various recipes and techniques to use for Western Game.

The Wild Initiative


We join a conversation with Chef Joshua Schwencke C.C. of Gastronomy Outdoors to talk wild game cooking, conservation, and chef tricks of the trade.

Campfires with Larry Weishuhn

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Wild game Chef Josh Schwencke is one of the FTW's newest additions to the school house. In this episode you will get to meet Josh, learn about his business Gastronomy, and his efforts to keep traditional meal prep from becoming a forgotten skill. Josh takes a great deal of pride and excitement teaching our guests how to prepare wild meat cuisine that even the most picky eater would forget they didn't like..

FTW Ranch Podcast


Sheep Fever Podcast


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