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the practice or art of choosing, cooking, and eating good food.



Founder / Exec.Chef

Our Mission


Our thing is food.

Great food. Food that heals.


Our desire is to share our passion for such food with everyone we serve.

Our belief is that the worlds problems can be first helped with the breaking of bread. 

Our mission is to get everyone cooking again.

Our drive is a future of sustainable, responsible young eaters.

Our Mission


CFO / Sous Chef

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School Visits

Gastronomy Live Events works with K-12 schools  throughout south and central Texas. Our on-site culinary demos, food science experiences as well as cooking events engage students into a better understanding of the importance of feeding themselves. Every schooling method from public, private and home school coops benefit greatly from our curriculum.


Students gain access to the skills and methods needed to build a vocational path towards the culinary arts. All that's needed is a passion for food. This curriculum is designed for high school groups & culinary classes.




Everyone has a culinary heritage.  We work with students to discover the flavors, methods and love for the food practices of their ancestors. It's our belief that this lends directly to our students futures.




Gastronomy Bootcamps are designed to teach cooking as a life skill. Culinary methods, knife technique, and kitchen etiquette develop a love for cooking in the comfort of the students own home kitchen.

In-home Courses

Our passion for teaching extends to our clients home as well. With courses ranging from Sushi to Classic French, we invite a level of humor and learning into your home for your friends and family to enjoy.


Client Reviews

My fiancé and I have now been to 2 of (Gastronomy's) classes and have loved both! The classes are laid back, interactive, and fun - you also learn a lot! (Josh) is well spoken and you can tell he has a true passion for what he does. So far we have done sushi-making and wine tasting - can't wait to try some others!

Lauren Rice

Had the wonderful opportunity to meet and enjoy Chef Josh’s passion for wine and food science. Yes, it is a science! We gathered for a night at a friend’s home for a girlfriend’s bday and the intimate setting was just right for 8 ladies to listen, drink and participate in a gastronomic experience. Looking forward to hosting an event with my teenage boys to get them on the path of enjoying gastronomy!

The sushi making class was so fun! Josh was great and made us all feel like sushi chefs (we def weren’t, lol). Highly recommend!!

Ellen N Bee

Melania Domingo


Gastronomy Live Events came to Great Heart’s After-school Program and provided the most engaging and informative program for our students. The students were able to see from a hands-on perspective where plant-based foods begin. They were introduced to many new items and were excited to learn about them and even a few taste items. The curriculum that The Gastronomy Live Events has developed is well thought out, intentional, and scientific all while being approachable for elementary age students. This is an area of study of which our students need and want more. We cannot wait to have Gastronomy Live Events present to our students again.

Christine Jagge

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